How to order

MOQ: 100pcs


Delivery time: 2-3working days after confirming the order

Delivery way: FedEx/DHL/EMS

Payments: T/T or Western Union or Moneygram

1, Samples are full payment by TT/Western union/Moneygram

2, Big order full payment or 30%advance ,the balance before shiping out


Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions as follows:

1. I've never heard popelectronic.com , and it is the first time to visit your site, does your site authentic enough ?

Before we start our service online in 2007, we already entered in Electronics industry more than 5 years. We also have our own real store in China. We totally can be trusted and authentic enough. The well-known global Express courier - FedEx is our golden partner, we promise to give our customer best service all the time.
2. How to became your dealer membership ?

Once your accumulative order total amount achieve USD999, you will be our valued dealer automatically. As our dealer, you can get more discount than customer membership. Once you become to our dealer, you will obtain the discount forever.
3. How to use your balance function ?

Balance can be use to pay for your order when checkout. This function can helps people who want to buy from us more than one time to save more trasaction fees. So if you are our older customer or want to be our long-term customer, you can transfer more money to us. We will transfer the redundant money into your account. When you buy from us next time, you can use "pay by balance" function.
4. How many days to delivery the goods to me ?

Since we confirmed your payment, we will ship out the goods in 2-3 business days, and you will recieve the parcel in 3-5 business days.
5. How long do I need to wait for my payment confirmation ?

If you choose WesternUnion and Money Gram to pay, we will confirm your payment in 24 hours; If you choose bank transfer (Bank Of China or HSBC), it will takes about 3 days to confirm, as long as we recieved the notification, we will confirm your payment as soon as possible.
6. What is the "Remove Packing Box" means ?

If you make a bulk purchase or if you only buy it for yourself, not to sell to others, then, we recommend you to reomve the packing box, because this can help you to reduce the shipping cost.


USB Flash Drive as business gift

USB Flash drives are an excellent promotional gift, because:

  • They are very useful. Your goal is for the user to have the item in their hands as much as possible. This means using it!
  • Your users never have too much flash drives. Even if they have several in their posesion, they will still be glad to receive another one from you!
  • They will keep your brand in the back of you customers mind! As we said, we keep our flash drives close by and use them often. This means, that every time someone plugs in a promotional USB flash drive, they are staring at your logo. Each time they are getting more and more familiar with your brand.
  • They are a great tool for boosting sales and relantionships with your customer. PPAI's research showed that 60 % of giftees said they would rather work with a company, that gifted them a powerbank or USB flash drive. Give it to prospects before a sale for that final push or give it to customers after the sale, to show them they are appreciated and keep them coming back.
  • They are a must have in every office! 74 % of people have at least one promotional item in their office. Why not your USB Flash Drive?

And most importantly: USB Flash Drives, if done correctly, elevate your brand on a new level. You can upload your promotional and informative documentation, and provide your prospect or customer with an useful gift and also with a slight nudge towards the sale, upsale or cross-sale. Make sure it's interesting and the new owner of the flash drive will check it out! You could upload a video, powerpoint presentation, photos, brochures, e-books or other useful files. Not sure how to do this? No problem, we can do this for you!

We offer a wide selection of USB FLASH DRIVES  In here you will find more than 40 different models.